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Maintaining Work-Life Balance as a Student

Student life is full of pressure from many sides – academics, sports, hobbies, finance, dating, travel, etc. To maintain the perfect balance, here are some expert-level topics. 

Maintaining Work-Life Balance as a Student

Students often have many different tasks, and it can be difficult to assess their priorities and find a balance. Enjoying all the aspects of student life is an important part of being a student.

But doing this and finding a work/life balance can be challenging. Here are some ideas on how to maintain a balance.  

Maintaining Work-Life Balance as a Student

Learn how to integrate academics and student life

Some college students will prioritize all the other aspects of being at college and neglect their academic tasks. Others will prioritize academic activities at the expense of personal factors, such as getting exercise and forming relationships.

This can lead to a decline in academic performance. General health and well-being are vital for optimum academic performance.

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When they get free time, this gives them more chances to study for tests so they can get good grades and find more balance in daily life.

Balance academics and relationships

The quality of relationships can indicate the health of a school/life balance. When students focus on academics to the exclusion of all else, this is likely to cause strife in their personal relationships.

On the other hand, a preoccupation with relationships at the expense of academic work is detrimental to academic performance. This can cause further stress.

Finding ways to study and still have a personal life is essential for students. Healthy relationships can give them the support they need. 

Find a work/school life balance

Students who have to balance work and school can have even more difficulties. They have so many different responsibilities that they have to be adept at setting goals and priorities. 

Maintaining Work-Life Balance as a Student

The use of time-management apps can be a key component to success as they can help students to improve their productivity.

There are many different time-management apps that can help with the following:  

  • Planning a schedule
  • Making weekly to-do lists
  • Prioritizing certain tasks
  • Breaking large tasks up into smaller sections
  • Setting goals for projects
  • Assessing time wasted and productive time
  • By planning segments of time for work, study, family and exercise, students are better able to manage conflicting demands. 

Eliminate distractions

In order to achieve a work/life balance as a student, it is important to eliminate distractions. It may be necessary to download distraction-blocking apps.

There are various apps that will prevent you from spending too much time on social media or time-wasting websites. 

There is no shame in using such apps to help build discipline. There are apps that block distractions on all devices at once to reclaim focus and productivity.

Users report that they can gain 2.5 hours on average of productive time every day. Students can sign up for a free trial.     

Be aware of stress overload

Stress can motivate students to study hard and complete assignments on time. But too much stress that lasts for too long is unhealthy.

Students suffering from too much stress will experience anxiety, feel irritable, and battle to concentrate and sleep. Physical and emotional well-being plays a big role in academic and personal success.  

Regular exercise is one of the best ways for them to keep their stress under control. They can also learn to relax their bodies by using breathing exercises, getting a massage, or learning to meditate. 

Students who have a strong network of family and friends tend to handle stress better.

They shouldn’t be afraid to reach out to others when they need help. 

Eating healthily and making time for themselves can also help students to deal with stress.

The desire for perfection can lead to a whole set of self-defeating attitudes and behaviors. It is usually fueled by a desire for the approval of others.

There is nothing wrong with students striving to do their best, but they need to set standards that are achievable.

Other tips to help students achieve a school/life balance: 

  • Experiment with the best times to study and how frequently to take breaks.
  • Plan rewards for sticking to a schedule.
  • Stay focused on the task at hand, and don’t worry about other tasks.
  • Plan creative activities in the week to stay energized. 
  • Focus on learning rather than coming first in class. 


It can be a challenge for students to find a work/life balance, but it’s far from impossible. It does require them to manage their time, set priorities, and cultivate organizational skills.

They also need to learn how to eliminate distractions and find ways to deal with stress overload.