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Protecting Your Child’s Health

In this book, Protecting Your Childs Health, you will find answers to many questions having to do with environmental hazards that your child encounters every day.

Protecting Your Childs Health

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Protecting Your Childs Health

Protecting Your Childs Health is a new book written by the notable author Mona Hanna-Attisha, MD, MPH, FAAP. In this book, you will find answers to many questions having to do with environmental hazards that your child encounters every day.

When I grew up and even when my kids were little, we didn’t think about any of these things. Times have changed and it’s so important to think about what’s in the water, the ground, and even the paint in your home.

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Lead Poisoning

When my grandson was little, he is now 14, he didn’t seem to be growing. My son took him to the doctor so they could find out the reason why. My son is 6’8″, so if my grandson wasn’t growing, there had to be a reason. 

After running the tests, they came to find out there was a possibility of lead poisoning. My son’s house was built in 1910. The health department came by and tested everything. Turned out it wasn’t only paint on the woodwork throughout the house but especially in the kitchen, the walls had lead in them too. 

Protecting Your Child's Health

My son ended up having to gut the entire kitchen, walls, floors, windows and everything. You don’t think of things like this. We used to paint our cupboards in our house when I was little all the time. The table and chairs were painted on a yearly basis too. Even though we seemed to turn out fine, there is so much more to think about then just this.

A Healthy Baby Before It Arrives

When I was pregnant with my boys, you just lived your life as you normally would (yeah, that’s how long ago that was!) Sure we took prenatal vitamins, but that was the extent of it.

Now, there is so much more to do before the baby arrives to ensure that the baby is healthy. Eat the right foods, no smoking, no alcohol, etc. 

Protecting Your Child's Health

Luckily, the Protecting Your Child’s Health gives you all the tips you will need to prepare for your baby’s arrival as well as feeding your baby. 

Chemicals in Your Home

In this book, it talks about the chemicals in Teflon, personal care products, asbestos, candles and more. Some of these I had known about, like teflon and candles only because we had an Amazon Parrot. We had to be careful about the products we used in our home and those are only 2 that I knew could kill him. Who knew?

Protecting Your Child's Health

So if these items can affect a bird, what are they doing to us humans? 

Where to Purchase Protecting Your Childs Health

The Protecting Your Child’s Health book is available on in Kindle format or Paperback. I think it’s well worth the read to find out more about about food safety, pesticides, and more. 

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Protecting Your Childs Health