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Teleflora Mothers Day Campaign Role of A Lifetime

Teleflora Mothers Day Campaign Role of A Lifetime features three moms reading the same script. It has meaning but then they turn the tables on them and give them another letter to read.

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The Role of A Lifetime Mothers Day Campaign from Teleflora

I’m not crying, you’re crying. The Role of A Lifetime video from Teleflora says it all. You can never your thank you mom enough for everything she has done for you.

And if you’re lucky enough for your mom to still be here with you, then make sure to tell her thank you.

I was lucky to have my mom for almost 60 years, and my husband is lucky that his mom is still here at the age of 91.

Unfortunately, you don’t realize everything your mom does for you when you are young. Most of the time it’s when you are older and sometimes it’s too late to tell them.


This video from Teleflora features three moms reading the same script. It has meaning but then they turn the tables on them and give them another letter to read.

A letter that is written by their own child. In the end, their son or daughter comes out with a beautiful bouquet to give to them.

It’s heartwarming for sure. Watch the video and see for yourself.

Teleflora’s latest campaign is a “Role of a Lifetime,” directed by two-time Academy Award winner Barbara Kopple celebrates mothers this Mother’s Day and every day as they are caregivers without recognition or thanks but always strive to do right by those that depend on the most.


Teleflora’s wish is:

“Hopefully we inspire people to let their moms know how much they mean to them this Mother’s Day, and other times would be nice, too.”

Three unique stories of motherhood are told throughout the commercial:

  • Kristin and her son Jeffrey’s story is one of redemption. Kristin moved to Hollywood to teach her children to follow their dreams but found that her career kept her away from her children more than she’d like. Though she’s reconnected with her kids and helped Jeffrey recover from difficult circumstances, Kristin still carries a single parent’s guilt.
  • Ellen and her daughter Zoe’s story is one of inspiration. When Ellen lost the use of her legs after an accident as a teenager, she never thought she’d be a mother. But after facing down her own mortality, she became one—and in the process, also became an educator, author, scuba diver, bungee jumper, model, and lifelong source of pride for her daughter.
  • Starla and her son Jalen’s story is one of admiration. Starla’s career frequently left her with little time for her children. Burning the candle at both ends, she worried that she didn’t give them enough of herself. But in Starla, Jalen saw the most patient and compassionate woman he’s ever known. Starla’s impact on Jalen’s life, and on the lives of their family, friends, and neighbors, is something he cherishes to this day.

“Role of a Lifetime” is an extension of Teleflora’s ongoing brand platform encouraging everyone to “Love Out Loud” this Mother’s Day by sending a stunning Teleflora floral bouquet ready to be enjoyed the moment it arrives at her door. To place an order and view the latest available floral designs, please visit


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