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Celebrating 61 with COVID in Quarantine

Yup, never underestimate COVID-19! Celebrating 61 with COVID in Quarantine. Not exactly the way I wanted to celebrate my 61st birthday. 

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Celebrating 61 with COVID in Quarantine

Not exactly the way I planned on celebrating 61 birthday. A huge difference from our 6000 mile trip for my 60th birthday last year. We’ve been really careful for 7 months. Between Florida and New York, not a single incident. We wear our masks, we haven’t gone out, haven’t even eaten out.

But, I had to come to Kansas to see my Dr. and the grandkids. They started school back in August. I thought it was safe. After all, there was only (1) ONE! case in the county. 

60th birthday and 6000 miles

Yup, never underestimate COVID-19!

It Happened So Fast

Within 4 days of arriving in Kansas, my husband started with a cough. I had a slight headache but that was it for the first week. By the end of the first week, he was coughing a little bit more.

The second week, he had loss of appetite, more coughing and felt like he got hit by a bus. I still just had a headache and slight tickle in my throat.

By the end of week two, we took a trip to the hospital. He just didn’t feel good. His chest hurt and he wasn’t eating. A slight fever for both of us all week.

I had loss of taste and I couldn’t smell anymore. However, I was still eating and didn’t feel too bad. A little lightheaded but nowhere near as bad as my husband.

The Hospital

They ended up keeping him overnight because his blood oxygen levels dropped while in the ER. They gave him fluids, took blood, put him on oxygen and gave him Trump medicine for the Coronavirus.

coronavirus celebrating 61

I was allowed to pick him up the next day and I questioned it because it was so soon. He said he felt better. Ate some food. Got some vapor treatment in the oxygen and his blood oxygen levels came up. 

So, I took him home.

Celebrating 61 What Next

Today, my birthday, wasn’t such a good day. He slept a good part of the day, didn’t eat, has some coughing and just didn’t feel good. I’m not worried about my birthday. We can always celebrate at another time. I just hope everyone gets better. 

Will we have to make another trip to the hospital? I’ll keep you updated! Out of 9 of us, 4 of us have it. Thankfully the kids do not.