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Eusoh Pet Health Plan not Pet Insurance

Most pet insurance plans do not cover routine checkups and things like rabies shots, heartworm tests, and routine bloodwork. But since Eusoh is NOT pet insurance, it covers these and so much more. 

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Protect Your Pet with Eusoh, a Pet Health Plan not Pet Insurance

After our three girls were gone, I vowed that if I ever owned another dog,  I was going to get pet insurance.

So when we got Harley, our German Shepherd Dog, I scoured the internet to find the best possible pet insurance I could find.

pet insurance

However, that didn’t work out so well. Let me start at the beginning.

Why We Wanted Pet Insurance

We had three dogs at once. I know crazy, right? A mutt named Goldie was a mix of a Yellow lab, husky and German Shepherd, the best dog ever by the way.

3 girls

A German Shepherd Dog named Adrian because Rocky (another GSD lived down the street, lol), that was my husband’s sidekick, and a Siberian Husky named Chalupa (because we got her when Taco Bell came out with “drop the Chalupa”), that was very vocal. 

I had dogs previously, but none of them ever had any issues. 

The day Adrian got her rabies and DPT shots, that night she started having seizures. Not just one or two, Gran Mal seizures, 8-9 in a row. It’s the saddest thing you ever want to witness.

Rushed her to the emergency vet and if you’ve ever been to one….you know they are not cheap. 

They kept her overnight and gave her valium to calm her down. 

To make a long story short, she needed two different kinds of medications to control her seizures. They worked for a few years. However, she would still have them occasionally.

The medications made her gain weight and took a toll on her back legs. It got to the point where she had trouble holding herself up to go to the bathroom. 

We ended up having to put her down at 6 years old. The seizures came more often and her quality of life went downhill. 

What we didn’t realize, was Goldie was also having seizures but not like Adrians. She would be standing there and just fall over. So she was also on medication. 

Back then, I had never even heard of pet insurance. 

Chalupa was the last one to go in 2013. Of course, we said “no more dogs!” But that didn’t last long. 

Harley Arrives in 2014

In 2014 we were up in NY taking care of my mom and decided to go look at dogs. Big mistake, lol. 

We came home with Harley, a full-bred German Shepherd Dog. She was 8 weeks old so I decided to start looking for a good pet health plan because I wasn’t going to spend a fortune if anything happened health-wise to her. 

harley at vet pet insurance

Well, that was a bust. If you’ve ever searched for pet insurance, it’s horribly expensive. Wow! is all I can say. Needless to say, I never purchased any.

Luckily, Harley has been healthy as can be.

Eusoh – A Community Health Plan not Pet Insurance

And then along came Eusoh, A Community Health Plan that’s not Pet Insurance. I had never heard of Eusoh before, so I decided to check it out.

Eusoh is where you contribute a monthly fee of $17 to the community. In addition, depending on how many expenses are submitted in your group, the monthly expense-share contributions will vary every month. 

However, your total in any given month including your monthly fee will never be more than $65. The fees do not increase because of your pet’s age but pre-existing conditions are not covered. 

How Does Eusoh Work

It’s pretty simple actually. You start by signing up for a free account on 

Add your pet and fill out a questionnaire. 

Submit your initial $48 deposit.

Once you visit your vet, submit your receipt/invoice and share expenses with your community.

You do have to pay your vet upfront for the services. The reimbursement you receive goes according to national average pricing index for the procedure.

Can you still use your own vet? Absolutely. 

There is however a maximum reimbursement of $8500 (per pet). In my opinion, I think that’s pretty darn good considering you can pay that within just a couple of visits, especially for emergency visits.

There is a 30 day waiting period and the visit must occur after the 30 days is up. 

What Items are Reimbursable

Most pet insurance plans do not cover routine checkups and things like rabies shots, heartworm tests, and routine bloodwork. But since Eusoh is NOT pet insurance, it covers these and so much more. 

There is actually a big long list. But you can find out all about them for yourself.

What else in Included

Being a full-time RVer, (yes, Harley has a vet that we visit every year), I love the fact that FirstVet telehealth services are included and they can be contacted 24/7. No more wondering what if something comes up for Harley and we are 2000 miles away from her vet in Kansas! 

To be honest, I’m really excited about Eusoh. You can never be too safe. But I am also thankful too that Harley doesn’t have any health problems. 

In Conclusion

While some people might think that they don’t need to pay monthly because their pet is healthy, you never know when that day might come that you will need to be reimbursed for something.

And then…you will be thankful that I told you about Eusoh!

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Dana Rodriguez

Wednesday 19th of May 2021

I have never heard of this company. Sounds like a smart idea.