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STARDOG Loungewear House Shoes

STARDOG Loungewear House Shoes are made with 100% Hemp, French Terry, with a non slip sole consisting of Rubber and Coffee and is hypoallergenic, breathable, mildew resistant. 

STARDOG Loungewear House Shoes

I received the products mentioned below in order to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own and may differ from yours. This post may contain affiliate links. See my disclosure policy for more info.

Relax with STARDOG Loungewear House Shoes

When I think of house shoes, I think of slippers. Mostly because my daughter in law is from Oklahoma and that is what they call them there.

So when I received the Startonic House-Shoe for my husband, I was pleasantly surprised that they were by no means meant just for wear around the house.

In fact, the soles on these shoes were way better than most of my shoes that I wear on a daily basis. 

They arrived in a really nice carrying bag too. 

STARDOG Loungewear House Shoes

If you have someone attending college away from home this season, these are perfect for them too.

What are STARDOG Loungewear House Shoes Made of?

It all starts with the 100% Organic Hemp Canvas that the upper part of the shoe is made with. I chose the Sky High Blue that looks like denim so he could wear them with pretty much anything.

STARDOG Loungewear slippers

The inside is made of Cotton French Terry which cools and absorbs moisture. Which is perfect for the heat in Florida.

It is also hypoallergenic, breathable, mildew resistant and has an anti fatigue insole that cushions your every step. The outside sole is made of Jute.

My favorite feature is the sole which is made of rubber and coffee. With the anti slip sole, it grips the ground or floor to prevent you from slipping.

anti slip sole

Why Hemp?

When the House-Shoes arrive, they will feel a tad stiff. But they are washable and with every wash, they will get softer. 

Hemp also naturally cools and absorbs moisture because it’s a natural thermo-controller. Making it the perfect shoes for hot and cold climates and all four seasons.

STARDOG Loungewear House Shoes

Growing Hemp takes less water and less land and has the lowest environmental impact. 

About the Startonic House Shoes

They are available in multiple colors and sizes ranging from 7 to 14. We received a size 11 and they fit true to size. 

Both my husband and I wear the same size shoe, (yes, I have big feet, 😂) is it wrong that I steal them to wear around inside and out? He gets mad at me and told me to get my own, but he will get over it…right? 😉

STARDOG Loungewear House Shoes

I have a tendency to slip and when I saw the soles these shoes, I pretty much claimed them as mine.

And while they also have a women’s pair that look almost identical with a different name, no one will know whether they are mine or my husbands.

Where to Purchase

STARDOG also has items such as shirts, shorts, robes, pants, jackets, hoodies and more. They can all be purchased online and shipped right to your door. 

STARDOG Loungewear House Shoes

I’m always on the lookout for a good pair of walking shoes for Disney’s 50th this year and National Parks visits. The Expedition Sneakers look like they are going to be my next pair. 

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STARDOG Loungewear House Shoes