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FROZEN 2 Coloring Activity Pages

FROZEN 2 is currently available on Blu-ray, DVD, Digital Download and can be streamed on Disney+. Here are some FROZEN 2 Coloring Activity Pages to keep the kids busy. 

frozen activity sheets

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FROZEN 2 Coloring Activity Pages and Gift Ideas

Are you as excited about FROZEN 2 on Friday as we are? Thankfully we have some coloring and activity sheets to keep the kids busy until we can get to the movie theater to see it.

The epic adventure continues in disney Frozen 2, the exciting sequel to the hit film, Frozen! Join your beloved friends, Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Olaf and Sven as they venture beyond Arendelle’s gates to strengthen their bonds and make new discoveries that will change their lives forever.

frozen the movie 

Who doesn’t love Olaf and Bruni? Two of my favorites for sure. And we have the coloring pages with them too. 

Plus there are a ton of new songs in the movie.

“Frozen 2” digital deluxe soundtrack

1. Introduction – Christophe Beck and Frode Fjellheim

2. The Northuldra – Christophe Beck

3. Sisters – Christophe Beck

4. Exodus – Christophe Beck

5. The Mist – Christophe Beck

6. Wind – Christophe Beck

7. Iduna’s Scarf – Christophe Beck and Frode Fjellheim

8. Fire and Ice – Christophe Beck

9. Earth Giants – Christophe Beck

10. The Ship – Christophe Beck

11. River Slide – Christophe Beck

12. Dark Sea – Christophe Beck

13. Ghosts of Arendelle Past – Christophe Beck

14. Gone Too Far – Christophe Beck

15. Rude Awakening – Christophe Beck

16. The Flood – Christophe Beck

17. Free Again – Christophe Beck and Frode Fjellheim

18. Reunion – Christophe Beck

19. Epilogue – Christophe Beck and Frode Fjellheim

Frozen 2 Coloring Sheets

frozen 2 coloring sheets bruni

Frozen 2 Activity Sheets Card Game

frozen 2 card game

Spot the Difference

frozen 2 spot the difference

Frozen 2 Maze

frozen maze

Check out the lates teaser video.