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Best Mosquito Proof Clothing

The North Fork Gear mosquito-proof clothing is a great option for anyone looking to add some protection from the sun in addition to bugs while maintaining comfort and style.

Best Mosquito Proof Clothing

I received the products mentioned below to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own and may differ from yours. 

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Best Mosquito Proof Clothing – Sun and Bug Protection

I must admit that I am a mosquito 🦟 magnet. They just love me. And this year for some reason, the mosquitos (and gnats, ticks, no-see-ums, etc) seem to be a hundred times worse. 

Normally, mosquitos come out at dusk and dawn. This past summer, even though it didn’t get dark until 9:00, they were out at 5:00. What’s up with that?

That was in NY. Now that we are back in Florida for the winter (Florida doesn’t have a winter, lol), so we will still have to fight off the mosquitos for another 6 months! 🙄

We like to sit out and have a campfire a couple of times a week. I’ve read to throw a bunch of sage in the fire, it’ll keep the skeeters away! Nope! It doesn’t work. 

Best Mosquito Proof Clothing

Wear long pants and long sleeves outside. It’s kind of hard sitting outside by a fire in 70°.

Sure you can use bug bite after the fact, but I don’t want to get any bites at all.

But even so, them darn little buggers bite me through my sweatpants and sweatshirt. Sweatpants! How does that even happen? 

Thankfully, North Fork Gear has come out with the Best Mosquito Proof Clothing around.

But Do They Work

I was skeptical too at first. We have had a lot of rain in the past couple of days, so I was able to really find out.

We have a swamp right behind us at about 50 feet in NY.

Best Mosquito Proof Clothing

In Florida, the swamp is right across the street from us. So there is no getting away from water sources.

Standing rainwater in plants, puddles, ponds supports local foliage and wildlife and breeds mosquitoes that can make anyone miserable.

So we headed outside to sit for a while and see what would happen. 

And you know what? The portions of our bodies that were covered with the North Fork Gear Mosquito Proof Clothing were not touched by any mosquitos. 

Best Mosquito Proof Clothing

That is fantastic. Can I get an entire outfit made with insect repellent fabric? 

About North Fork Gear Mosquito Proof Clothing

I received the short sleeve Faran Sport shirt and the long sleeve Darian shirt. 

The Faran Sport shirt is a great option for anyone looking to add some protection from the sun in addition to bugs while maintaining comfort and style.

Best Mosquito Proof Clothing

With its wrinkle-free EPA-registered Insect Shield® Repellent Technology, this unisex shirt will be easy to care for with 70 launderings just like your regular clothes are.

This crew neck Faran Sport has a semi-fitted athletic cut and is available in sizes small to 3X, so it’s perfect for everyone!

Best Mosquito Proof Clothing

You also get 30+ UPF sun protection too when you purchase these shirts today.

Best Mosquito Proof Clothing

We received the Cinebar Red in large and fits true to size. It’s available in several other colors also, Carbon Black, Cerulean Blue, Citrine Orange, Frost White, Gypsum Yellow, and Soelfer Gray.

Best Mosquito Proof Clothing

With a moisture-wicking, silky smooth texture, it’s made with 100% Natural Stretch DrýTru Polyester.

The Darian mosquito-proof shirt is made for the hunter, camper, and outdoor enthusiast.

Best Mosquito Proof Clothing

Made with Anti-microbial odor control to reduce scent while also providing natural insulation from bugs with its textured fabric.

Best Mosquito Proof Clothing

Also made with 100% DrýTru Polyester with 50+ UPF sun protection. Available in men’s sizes XS through 3X, it’s available in Mossy Oak. 

Best Mosquito Proof Clothing

Disease Transmission

Mosquitoes carry diseases such as Zika and West Nile Viruses, Lyme Disease, and Dengue Fever.

And with the pandemic still in full swing, who knows if they can carry that too.

Most people think Mosquito Proof Clothing is only good against mosquitos.  🦟

But they are also effective against ticks, ants, flies, chiggers, and midges. 

These are great for the entire family.

Best Mosquito Proof Clothing

Additional Information

The Mosquito Proof Clothing is made with Permethrin insect repellent and are not to be dry cleaned. 

In addition to wearing the North Fork Gear shirts, it is recommended that you also use insect repellent on exposed skin.

Wash treated garments separately from other clothing.

These products and more can be purchased online as well as many other items.

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Best Mosquito Proof Clothing