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Bright Fairy Friends

Light up the Night with Bright Fairy Friends. Unveil the magic by unlocking your doll from her Fairy Home. It’s the ideal toy for girls this year.

bff bright fairy friends 

I received the Bright Fairy Friends in order to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own and may differ from yours. This post may contain affiliate links. See my disclosure policy for more info.

Light up the Night with Bright Fairy Friends

Included in our Holiday Gift Guide this year is Bright Fairy Friends. When I first saw them at the Sweet Suite @ Home Event, I knew the girls were going to have this on their gift list this year. I myself loved it when I first saw it. 

Inside each jar is a fairy doll. The exciting part is you don’t know which fairy doll you are going to receive. It’s another one the blind packaging concepts for this year. It’s a surprise. It could be Penny, Rosie, or Dolly. You are going to have to open up your Fairy home to find out which doll you get. We got Sophie and she is beautiful.

sophie bright fairy friends doll

Bright Fairy Friends by Funrise Toys has three modes. An on mode where the jar lights up. It will stay on for about 20 minutes. Makes a great night light feature. Second is a try me mode with a motion activated sensor that will stay on for 5 seconds.

There is a cute handle so you can carry it around. On the back of each jar is a poem. The poem is about the Bright Fairy friends and the enchanted forest and where they come from.

bright fairy friends poem

From a Magical Land, Where BFF’s radiate light, With a sprinkling of fairy dust, Creating a world that’s cheerfully bright.

All the very best friends, whether near or far, They set out on Adventures, Regaining Magic in their Fairy Jar.

In the whimsical forest, these fairy friends call home, Where they grow and blossom as one, And never alone! 

About Bright Fairy Friends Dolls

You take the top off and pull out your doll to see who you receive. There are 12 Fairy dolls to collect.

12 bff dolls to collect 

They come with a doll stand so you can stand her up. Each Fairy has their own traits and personalities. They are recommended for ages 36 months – 10 years.

which doll bff doll will we get 

Each doll comes with a light up feature that their wings glow. Just press her necklace and her wings will glow. It’s an amazing affect that brings a lot of magic to the doll.


But wait there’s more…Every Fairy doll comes with multiple surprises. Each one comes with accessories. The accessories come in a blind bag so you don’t know which color accessories you will get.

bright fairy friends

Each doll will come with the same accessories but in a different color. Some of the accessories include:

  • Brush
  • Mini jar of fairy dust (actual glitter inside but it’s sealed so the kids can’t open it)
  • A BFF Bright Fairy Friends Clip that breaks apart so you can share with your BFF
  • A collector sheet with 6 BFF dolls on each side.

When you are ready to go to sleep, you can put them back in their Fairy home. All the jars are Teal.


It was a lovely surprise that the batteries are included. I am usually scrambling around looking for batteries at the last minute because I forgot to buy them. 🙄

Other Fairy Items Available

Also available is Queen Light Fairy Regina. Regina is the queen of all the fairies. She is the leader in the Enchanted Forest.

She will also be housed in a lantern that will also have a light up feature. Her wings are bigger and will also come with accessories such as a wand, a brush, etc.

The light up feature for Regina is a little different than the doll. When you press her necklace will light up a certain color, red, yellow, blue, orange, etc. She has magic touch technology on her wings. So when you touch her wings, the wings will light up the same color as her necklace.

When you press the necklace and it’s red, you touch her wings and they will be red. There are seven different colors of the rainbow to cycle through.

There is also a Fairy Tree Swing that will light up when you place the Bright Fairy Friends doll on it. The swing will also come with accessories. However, the accessories are going to be considered “hidden in plain site”. For example, there are two bracelets that are part of the swing. You can share them with your BFF.

About Funrise Toys

Bright Fairy Friends also have their own YouTube Channel where you can learn more about them. Connect with Funrise Toys on Facebook and Instagram.

Which BFF will become your favorite? 

bright fairy friends night light

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