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Mosquito Free Backyard

Just like there are no mosquitoes at Disney World, you can have a Mosquito Free backyard or patio. The AMBUSH Mosquito Trap does not repel mosquitoes, It attracts them.

mosquito free backyard

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Get Through Summer with a Mosquito Free Backyard

Just like there are no mosquitoes at Disney World, you can have a Mosquito Free backyard or patio.

We love to sit outside in the evening but it's hard when the bugs are biting. Mosquitoes 🦟  love me. 

Even if I put on long pants and a sweatshirt, them little buggers bite me right through my clothes.

I'm not sure if something in my blood attracts them or my shampoo, but there can be 5 of us in the yard and I'm the only one getting attacked.

If you are one of us that get eaten alive, you most probably have tried everything else on the planet. Bug sprays, bug lights, yard sprays, sage in your campfire, bug bands, and everything in between. And you know none of them work. 

Luckily, AMBUSH Mosquito Traps sent me one of their Outdoor Mosquito Traps to try out and I'm thankful they did. 

mosquito free backyard

Now, while we are full time RVers, we are stationary for the summer months in NY and in Florida for 6 months in the winter (snow birds 😂!) So I am able to keep it set up all year long.

Up here in NY, we have a swamp right behind us at about 50 feet. So we placed the unit between our camper and the source.

mosquito free backyard

In Florida, the swamp is right across the street from us. Once we arrive back there in November, we will decide where we will place it there.

Setting it Up for a Mosquito Free Backyard

Once you take it out of the box, it's pretty much together. All you have to do is place the Lure in the holder.

mosquito free backyard

We had to connect the power cord, place the attractant in the top, snap on the top piece with the handle, find a spot for it and plug it in.

ambush mosquito trap

In the manual, it states that it should be at least 19 feet from your home. 

How it Works

The AMBUSH Mosquito Trap does not repel mosquitoes.

It attracts female mosquitoes with 6 separate attractants to reel them in and break the breeding cycle.

ambush lure

The cycle can last 3 weeks while the females are looking for food (blood) to nourish the eggs.

Mosquitoes are attracted to carbon dioxide, which is what we exhale. Octenol, moisture and heat from breath can be sensed up to 100 ft away. Some mosquitoes are also attracted to UV Light.

Once they are attracted to the machine, they are sucked in by the fan.

And it is not meant to compete with people which is why it needs to be placed in the correct spot. It can provide coverage for up to one acre.

It can take several weeks before you notice a difference and they recommend you replace the attractant every 30 days. 

Final Thoughts

I didn't want to write a review on a product if I didn't know if it really worked or not. So I have had it set up for 5 weeks before writing this post. 

Did it work? It absolutely did! It gave us a Mosquito Free Backyard that we can once again enjoy! 

While it did catch some moths, you can see there are many mosquitoes also inside the net. 

ambush mosquito trap

Where to Purchase

The AMBUSH Mosquito Trap can be purchased online and comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. Connect with them on Facebook.

mosquito free backyard

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mosquito free backyard