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CLEAR₂O® RV Water Filters 

Control your drinking water in your RV with the RV Water Filters, CLEARO® DirtGuard Sediment Pre-Filter and CLEARO® RV and Marine Inline Water Filter. Followed by an RV water drinking hose.

CLEAR₂O® RV Water Filters

I received the products mentioned below in order to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own and may differ from yours. This post may contain affiliate links. See my disclosure policy for more info.

CLEARO® RV Water Filters 

When we first started living full time in our RV, we made sure to buy the proper water drinking hose that is needed.

Times are different and definitely not like when we were little and drank from a garden hose. Campground water is never safe to drink if you don’t take steps to make it safe to drink like using the CLEARO® 2 step water filters. 

Nowadays, you need special hoses, filters, and more just to drink regular city water. And it’s not only in RV‘s. 

We have lived in a few cities where they send you the reports of the water and what’s in it. 😳 It’s a scary world we live in unfortunately. 

Clear²0 RV Water Filters 

Luckily, it’s a lot easier to control our drinking water in our RV. It all starts with the RV Water Filters, CLEARO® DirtGuard Sediment Pre-Filter and CLEARO® RV and Marine Inline Water Filter. Followed by the RV water drinking hose.

CLEARO® DirtGuard Sediment Pre-Filter

I had never heard of the CLEARO® DirtGuard Sediment Pre-Filter before and then we saw someone that had it. We had stopped to talk to them about it and they were happy with it. 

I was sent for review and I couldn’t wait to try it out.

It’s a Pre-Filter that works together with the CLEARO® RV and Marine Inline Water Filter to protect against sand, silt, sediment, rust, particles, and more. 

What I like about the CLEARO® DirtGuard Sediment Pre-Filter is that it’s washable and reusable. Which in turn is going to save you money.

Clear²0 RV Water Filters 

Because of the heavy sand presence here in Florida, this filter is going to keep us from having to replace our Inline RV Water Filters and RV water filter so often.

Included in the box is the Pre-Filter Housing, 20 Micron Sediment Filter, Wrench, Backwashing Adapter and Hose Extender. 

Clear²0 RV Water Filters 

Open the top to remove and clean the filter. 

You will need to purchase your own CLEARO® RV and Marine Inline Water Filter. Most brands will work with this filter.

They suggest replacing the filter every 6 months and backwashing regularly. The filter not only makes your water drinkable, but it also helps keep the fresh water tank free of sand and silt and also the water lines in the RV.

Clear²0 RV Water Filters 

CLEARO® RV and Marine Inline Water Filter

Inline RV Water Filters are a must have also for your RV. We had accidentally forgot to have a backup once, (I’ll take the blame for not ordering one) and you could actually see the dirty water coming out of the faucet.

Because we were without one for about a month, our RV house filter was the dirtiest we had ever seen it. So obviously that had stopped working awhile ago. 

Now, I make sure to always have at least one backup and I order way in advance because with so many RVers out there today, they are always out of stock.

The CLEARO® RV and Marine Inline Water Filter has a solid carbon block filter reduces contaminants, helping to eliminate bad taste and odors in your water. Including the “rotten egg” smell from hydrogen sulfide.

Clear²0 inline Water Filter

Tools are not needed and it easily threads onto any garden hose. Lead, Chlorine, VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds such as Benzene, etc) are removed from the water because honestly, no one wants any of that even while showering let alone drinking.

How to Use

It’s pretty simple to use. Just screw the CLEARO® RV and Marine Inline Water Filter into the base of the CLEARO® DirtGuard Sediment Pre-Filter.

Then attach the hose extender.

Clear²0 DirtGuard Sediment Pre-Filter

Screw it onto your water spigot.

Clear²0 DirtGuard Sediment Pre-Filter

Attach the other end to your RV drinking hose and turn on the water. It can be kept straight or laying down.

Clear²0 DirtGuard Sediment Pre-Filter

Where to Purchase

Both of these RV Water Filters are available online as well as many other RV products. Connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

No matter what though, even though our freshwater tank is sanitized regularly, we NEVER drink the water from it. We only drink the water when we are on city water.

But I feel more confident using that water for dishes and bathing since we have the CLEARO® DirtGuard Sediment Pre-Filter and CLEARO® RV and Marine Inline Water Filter.

CLEAR₂O® RV Water Filters

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CLEAR₂O® RV Water Filters