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Burn safe with Enviro-logs Its Illegal to Transport Firewood

Enviro-logs Fire logs are convenient, cheaper than firewood, and clean-burning, but they are also a lot easier to find than firewood.

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Don’t Move Firewood – Burn safe with Enviro-logs Fire Logs

Did you know that in the majority of states that it’s illegal to move firewood?

The reason being is that there are tree-killing bugs and diseases that are transported in firewood.

Burn safe with Enviro-logs

And besides, do you really want to put buggy firewood in your car or RV? I know I don’t.

This is why we choose to burn safe with Enviro-logs.

Burn safe with Enviro-logs

However, not only are Enviro-logs fire logs convenient, cheaper than firewood, and clean-burning, but they are also a lot easier to find than firewood.

Finding Firewood

For the past couple of years, we have had trouble finding campfire wood. It was Christmas Eve and we really, really, wanted to have a fire with the kids.

Unfortunately, we didn’t plan ahead and could not find firewood anywhere within a 50-mile radius.

A 50-mile radius is where your wood should come from when at a campground.

Luckily though, our friend had just come back from the Ocala National Forest with a truckload and let us “borrow” some. (Yes, Ocala National Forest is within the 50-mile radius!)

Spending a day going to the forest and looking for fallen trees, cutting the wood, loading it into the bed of a pickup truck, and then having to unload it once back at the ranch, is NOT my idea of fun.

Somehow it feels like you’re getting burnt twice, lol.

But having Enviro-logs on hand, you don’t have to do any of that.

But Most Campgrounds Sell Firewood

Why yes, yes they do. However, have you seen the price of some of the firewood at campgrounds?

Do you really want to pay that?

Burn safe with Enviro-logs

And not only that, have you ever tried to start a fire with some of the campground wood?

This picture below should say it all…..

And that was with fire starters that we had purchased that WERE NOT the Environmentally friendly Enviro-Log Brand. Had we had those, we probably wouldn’t have had a problem.

Starting a Campfire Without Enviro-logs

I was a girl scout for a little while but maybe starting fires wasn’t something girls were taught back then. I don’t know.

Burn safe with Enviro-logs

But I’ve never had any luck. Wood is messy to deal with. And my husband hates having to put it in the truck (he’s OCD about his truck).

As I said before, it’s expensive ($21.75!) and there’s no guarantee that it’s going to start no matter what you do.

Starting a Campfire With Enviro-Logs

Starting a campfire with Enviro-logs is so easy. Just tear off and open the seam, loosen the wrapper, and light the paper at the arrows.

Burn safe with Enviro-logs

Each 3 lb firelog will burn for up to 2 hours and a 5 lb. firelog will burn for up to 3 hours. We had the 3 lb logs and 2 hours is the perfect amount of time for a campfire.

Burn safe with Enviro-logs

About Enviro-Logs

Enviro-logs are made from 100 percent recycled waxed cardboard. They emit 86 percent less creosote which makes them a great choice for indoor fireplaces also.

Creosote is most likely carcinogenic to humans and no one wants to be inhaling any of that.

The firelogs also contain 30 percent fewer greenhouse gases and 80 percent less carbon monoxide.

Plus, they are not included in the 50-mile radius of “don’t move firewood” restrictions.

They are safe to cook over so the kids are able to have s’mores whenever they want. And pie iron sandwiches too.

And I can use them in my Solo Stove too.

So now, we always have Enviro-logs on hand and can have a campfire whenever we want. Unless of course, there is a burn ban. Always check local restrictions and make sure it is safe to have a campfire.

Enviro-Logs Fire Starters

The fire starters are environmentally friendly, petroleum-based blocks, made of 100 percent recycled eco-friendly wax.

Enviro-logs firestarters

Just to be clear, you do NOT need these to start the fire with the Enviro-Logs.

There are eight blocks in each box and each block will give you:

  • Up to 20 minutes of burn time
  • Tall and consistent flames
  • Can light damp firewood
  • Leaves no mess to clean up
Enviro-logs firestarters

How awesome is that? These can also be used in fireplaces as well and are lightweight enough to carry with you on a hike in case you want to start a fire along the trail.

Enviro-Log Color-Flame

The Enviro-Log Color-Flame packs are great. I think I enjoyed them as much as the kids did.

These are available at Walmart, and Tractor Supply stores and have 3 packs per box.

Enviro-logs color flames

Wait until the fire is going strong and toss the entire package into the flames.

Enviro-logs color flames

It’s a rainbow of colors and 30 minutes later, we could still colorful flames.

Burn safe with Enviro-logs

These can be used indoors as well as in campfires, chimineas, and wood stoves.

DO NOT use these in a propane fire pit or a gas fireplace.

Other Types of Firelogs

I have heard and seen memes online for the KFC Fire Log and thought it was fake news.

However, the KFC Fire Log is real and is filled with 11 Herbs and Spices and I’m really excited about it.

However, if and when you find it, you should pick up a couple of them since it is a limited edition.

Enjoy these with our homemade copycat KFC Fried Chicken recipe.

I have also seen on Enviro-Log’s Instagram that they have Colonial Williamsburg Heritage Log.

A firelog that smells like cinnamon. Yes, please. Anything that smells like the holidays…count me in!

You can purchase these right now also online.

Burn safe with Enviro-logs

Where to Purchase Enviro-Logs and Fire Starters

The Enviro-Logs are pretty much available at a store near you. You can find one close to you online or you can purchase them on Amazon.

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Burn safe with Enviro-logs