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Smithsonian Mega Science Lab

The Smithsonian Mega Science Lab is one kit that covers a multitude of science adventures. This lab is great for kids who are just getting into science.

Smithsonian Mega Science Lab

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Mega Science Lab: A Six Adventure Kit By Smithsonian

My favorite toys for kids are those that promote STEM learning. They are so useful in gaining a child’s interest in science. Science is fun, but too many kids haven’t discovered that yet. This is a perfect item for our Giving Christmas Away Event.

STEM toys give kids the framework to understand how science opens up their world. They take their natural spirit of exploration and point it in a direction that yields gratifying results that inspire more and more interest.

science kit for kids

STEM toys touch on so many great areas of math and science for kids to gravitate to and that’s also part of the fun as a parent or grandparent.

I thrill at the opportunity to see what my little ones are going to react to and appreciate. That’s why one of my favorite toys this year is the Smithsonian Mega Science Lab. It’s very inexpensive and it includes 6 different safe and easy science experiments.

What Is So Mega About the Smithsonian Mega Science Lab?

The Smithsonian Mega Science Lab is one kit that covers a multitude of science adventures. This lab is great for kids who are just getting into science or want to take a more generalized approach to scientific discovery.

The mega lab includes a weather station, an Earth model, an eco dome, and even a dinosaur dig. The biggest features of this lab are the volcano and the crystal growing kit.

kids science kit

This mega lab is a fantastic introduction to science for kids 10+. They’ll love erupting a mini volcano, observing the formation of crystals, and assembling a weather station that really works!

All You Need is Science

Another thing I appreciate about the Smithsonian Mega Science Lab is that you don’t need batteries or anything else to set it up or make it work. The lab comes with everything you need to assemble the models, carry out the experiments, and chip away at the rock that hides your dino bones.

The dino sand block with the skeleton inside comes with the mallet. The Earth Model includes the pedestal, and the moon, etc. The Eco dome is really underrated in my opinion. It includes a tool for collecting bugs. The weather station includes a thermometer, rain gauge, and a cloud chart.

dinosaur dig

The erupting volcano comes with everything but the baking soda and vinegar required to pull off the classic experiment. But you probably already have those things.

I love the extensive array of components the lab includes so that kids can do each one of these experiments safely and without the need for extra supplies.

All in One Science Sampler

These experiments are commonly available individually as they are solid introductory science kits. However, if you are looking for a way to introduce a 10-year-old to science, the mix of easy experiments and varying topics is a great approach.

The fact that they are all available in one science kit makes it a better value too since most individual kits are more than half the price for a single project.

The longevity of use is wonderful as well since kids can track weather and crystal growth over time while doing the other experiments in between observations.

Where to Purchase

The Mega Science Lab can be purchased online at

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Smithsonian Mega Science Lab