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Corbin Farms Winery - Calera AL

Whether you are looking for good food, wine, live music or wine slushies, Corbin Farms Winery has it all. Stay for free with Harvest Hosts.

Corbin Farms Winery - Calera AL

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Corbin Farms Winery - Calera AL

Being a member of Harvest Hosts definitely has its advantages. We got a late start leaving Sand Pond Campground but figured a little over 200 miles was doable.

We were set to arrive before they locked the gate at 3 pm, however, traffic can be unpredictable, and had changed our ETA to 4 pm. I, unfortunately, had to call to let them know we were not going to make it. 

Much to my surprise, they had a change of plans and were having live music that evening and we were still able to stay there in our RV.

Yay! So much more fun than camping at a campground.

harvest hosts

Once we arrived, I headed inside to find out where we needed to park. I met up with the owners, Carley and Matt, and they are the nicest people.

She told me where to park so we weren't in the way of the people coming in for dinner and the live music. 

corbin winery

We set up and then headed back in to try the wine and have something to eat. The place looks small from the outside but there is multiple seating areas.

We chose to eat inside since it was quite warm (86) and the dining room was empty at the time of arrival.

There is also a greenhouse-type room and the outdoor patio where the live music was playing. 

corbin winery alabama

Harley also enjoyed relaxing after a long day of travel.

harley enjoying harvest host

The Wine

While my husband is not a wine drinker, he does like wine slushies.

They have two different kinds, one made with their chocolate/raspberry dessert wine, Tuxedo Junction 😊 and the other made with their sweet white wine. They were both delicious.

wine slushy

enjoying harvesthosts

I also had a wine flight which includes four - two-ounce portions of wine that I choose. 🍷

wine flight wine tasting

The first one I chose was the White Blend which is a semi-sweet with apricot and peach notes. This one was really good.

I also chose the Harvest Spice because I like pumpkin spice. It's a pear wine with pumpkin spice. This one had a spice taste to it.

While it was good, it wasn't for me so I left a little in the glass. 

The third one I chose was a semi-sweet rose with notes of strawberry. This one was also very good but anything with strawberry is always at the top of my list. 

I saved the best for last. The fourth one was definitely my favoritist (is that even a word?) EVER! The Tuxedo Junction (which the slushy is made with) is a chocolate raspberry sweet dessert wine.

While I thought it kind of tasted like a cherry cordial candy, there is no cherry in it. It goes down smooth with no after taste.

This is THE BEST WINE EVER! Gosh, I wish they shipped it. I guess we will just have to stop there again and buy a few more bottles on our way back to Florida, sigh. 😂 ❤️ 🍷

corbin farms menu

The Food

Alex was our server and very friendly and informative. The food was just as good as the wine. We had a triple-decker club sandwich and a banana pudding.

The triple-decker club sandwich is ham, turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and cheese layered in between sandwich bread.

club sandwich corbin farms

Banana Pudding was awesome as well. Prailined Nilla Wafers, bananas, and pecans cooked with rum and topped with buttermilk whipped cream. 😋

banana pudding dessert

Cell and Internet Service

The cell and internet service was as follows:

  • Verizon jetpack 19.8/1.22
  • Verizon phone internet 9.07/.60
  • T-Mobile jetpack 2.10/1.39 - 3.61/1.37
  • Verizon phone 2 bars
  • AT&T phone 2 bars

sunrise at corbin farms

About Corbin Farms Winery

Plenty of space to park and big rigs are able to drive right around the building. It was very quiet and we were able to sleep soundly and felt very safe.

The sunset and sunrise were both beautiful. We were not able to do a tour thanks to C-19 which only means we will definitely have to visit again.

parking at corbin farms winery

sunrise at corbin farms

Corbin Farms Winery is a family-owned business that was started in 2005.

It sits on 5 acres of farmland is located at 800 Highway 87, in Calera, AL, 35040 right off Interstate 65.

Connect with them on Facebook and Instagram.

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Harvest Hosts Information

Harvest Hosts is a yearly membership where you can stay at farms, wineries, and golf courses. Your unit must be self-contained

and you must call the host no less than 24 hours in advance to reserve your spot and make sure there is room. They will ask you when you will be arriving and also for your membership number.

They do ask that you make a purchase from the host. With over 1000 hosts, it is well worth the money.

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